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2020’s Most Anticipated Game Releases

Credit: PlayStation

New decade, new games.

I love it when we reach round numbered years, don’t you? I mean, for all intents and purposes, it’s just another year, round or not, but there’s just something so… powerful sounding about 2020. Two-thousand and twenty. It’s satisfying.

To coincide with a powerful-sounding year, the game industry has some pretty powerful games lined up. I’m more of an indie player, but even I can feel the palpable hype radiating off these titles. Hopefully, you’ve got a gaming nest egg set aside, because 2020’s coming at you hard and fast with big-name releases.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

I just barely missed the FF7 train growing up, and I always felt a little sad about that. I didn’t get into Final Fantasy until I was around 11, and even then, I didn’t figure out how RPGs actually work until I was 15. I hope that this remake serves as a way for me and others like me to get on the bandwagon we missed out on. Judging from its trailers, it’s gonna do a pretty good job of that with beautiful visuals and a more involved combat system. Still think they could’ve come up with a more creative name than just “Remake,” though.

DOOM Eternal

Aw, yeah. The 2016 DOOM reboot is one of the best, most fun shooters I’ve ever played, and DOOM Eternal looks like it’s going to lean more into what made it so great. Fast-paced action, lots of different guns and tools, and metal-as-heck monsters and settings. Don’t you dare mess this up for me, Bethesda. I’m serious.

Cyberpunk 2077

Also known as “the one with Keanu Reeves.” Modern reboots of old RPGs are a little hit and miss sometimes (lookin’ at you, Deus Ex and Shadowrun), but this game has enough star power behind it to at least give me some hope. It looks to be a pretty massive experience, so as long as everything is properly balanced, it should be a pretty good time.

Marvel’s Avengers

I’ve been hankering for more big budget Marvel stuff ever since phase three of the MCU ended. I enjoy a lot of Marvel games because they explore aspects of the characters’ personalities and mythos that occasionally go by the wayside. Granted, there have been some pretty big stinkers in this department, but the folks on deck for this game seem to be big enough Marvel-heads that I’ll get the deep-cut lore I want at the very least.

Half-Life: Alyx

Oh-ho, talk about a game with a dangerous pedigree. Alyx looks pretty cool, and I’m interested in its use of VR and motion control to push the story forward. However, people have been waiting for Half-Life 3 for well over a decade now.  I don’t think it’d be hyperbolic of me to say that if this game isn’t the best thing since sliced bread, they’re gonna get mad. I don’t think reality can handle another Duke Nukem Forever situation.