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Adidas Releasing Solar-Powered Headphones

Credit: Unsplash

Let the sun power your workout jams.

Are you tired of having to plug in and charge your cheap headphones every time you come home from a lengthy morning run? Well, how about if those headphones were always charging while you ran with them? And better yet, what if they were charged by that shining sun overhead? Then you may be interested in Adidas’ new light-powered speakers.

The Adidas RPT-02 SOL is a new pair of over-year headphones created in conjunction with Zound Industries and Swedish solar tech company Exeger. The speakers provide solid sound quality and a battery life rated at around 80 hours of sustained usage. However, you’d probably never know it, because these headphones are light powered. The headband of the device features a proprietary light cell developed by Exeger known as “Powerfoyle.”

These nifty cells can be printed onto any surface, and can passively absorb light as power from just about any source. That’s why we’ve been saying “light-powered” rather than “solar-powered.” You can totally charge these things with the light of the sun, but you can also charge them up with the light from a simple desk lamp. And if you don’t have a source of light handy, it’s also got a regular USB charging port.

Besides its charging tech, the RPT-02 SOL is IPX4 rated, so while you can’t submerge it in water, it is waterproof enough to withstand things like sweat drops and the occasional errant splash. It’s also got built-in song switching and volume controls, plus a light sensor to point you toward the best charging spots.

The RPT-02 SOL will be available online for $229 starting August 23.