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3 Big Headaches from Before The Internet

It’s hard to remember how life was before the internet, but sometimes it’s also good to take a stroll down memory lane to appreciate what we’ve got right now.

Here are three things that were a giant pain before the internet came around!

1. There’s no Google

Google Search only started in 1997, so before that time, it was literally impossible to have all your questions answered in the snap of a finger. Back then, if you needed to look up information, you had to dig through several, if not dozens, of encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other educational books.

2. Did you say ‘Waze’?

Similarly, there was also no Google Maps or Waze back then, so if you were looking for a certain place, you had no choice but to take out all the maps you can find to locate what you’re searching for.

3. When you’re MIA, you’re really MIA

Since there was also no such thing as chat apps or messaging services back then, if you were meeting with somebody, it was pretty much impossible to let them known if you had a sudden emergency and couldn’t come, or were just running late, or were already lying dead in a ditch somewhere. Looks like there wasn’t any room for anxious overthinkers before the internet age!

Feeling lucky to have the internet now? These are just three of the six items on the list. If you’re curious about the other items, watch the video to find out!