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10 Things You Need To Know Before You Get Your Next Tattoo!

Could it not be said that tattoos exemplify the pinnacles of art and biology? To alter the pigment of one’s own skin in the name of creativity and expression?

I dunno.

But tattoos are cool. They allow you to change your look in a fundamental manner, express yourself in new and interesting ways, or, if you’re like me, showcase how much of a nerd you are. I would totally get the sign of the Straw Hat Pirates tattooed on my back. Y’know, if I wasn’t a huge scaredy cat.

On that subject, it is important to remember that getting a tattoo is something of a medical process. You are getting a little needle driven into your skin over and over in rapid succession after all, and it’s really difficult (not to mention unpleasant) to change or undo if it’s messed up. As cool as tattoos are, they’re not a life choice that should be taken lightly, unless you want to end up on one of those “I have a terrible tattoo, please fix it” reality shows in a few years.

Check out this video for ten helpful bullet points to consider before getting inked. Hopefully, you don’t have a phobia of needles.