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Waterproof Phone Case Lets You Swim With Your Phone

Waterproof phone cases are not even remotely new or innovative, but it’s still surprising how so many developers can keep adding so many new features to make each iteration better than the last.

In this case (ha, ‘case’), the advantage this case has over the others is pretty astounding. Unlike most other cases on the market right now, the Amphipac waterproof case actually allows users to be able to touch and access the phone’s features while underwater– something that not a lot, if any, of other waterproof cases are able to do.

The reason why it’s so hard– and even downright impossible at times– to use touchscreens underwater is mainly the fact that the screen can’t really distinguish between your finger presses and the water pressure on the screen. It’s like pressing your whole palm against the screen, basically.

With the Amphipac case though, the touchscreen part of the case has a two-layer flexible film covering the entire screen, with a low-pressure air pocket between the two layers. This makes touching the screen possible as the phone will be able to register your touch separately from the pressure of the water.

One other great thing about this case is that the low-pressure air pocket allows the lens to float to the water’s surface in case the user accidentally lets go of it. Definitely helpful for nervous swimmers who want to capture the memory but are too scared to take a risk.

The Amphipac case will be launching a Kickstarter soon, so check out their website if you want to stay updated.