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Walmart Using Virtual Reality in Hiring Process

Image Credit: Walmart

Walmart is taking a big leap in the technological world by implementing the use of virtual reality when interviewing potential store managers.

The virtual reality device would be used to put potential managers in real life situations and see how they are able to handle the issues. The situations include dealing with an angry customer or giving new employees a tour of the store are some of the responsibilities of being a manager. The way they would respond would help employers determine how much knowledge they have of the different departments, their ability to make quick and informed decisions, and the leadership skills that they possess.

This tool shows how employees will react to real-life situations and can help managers determine the right fit for them in the company. Some Walmart companies have been using it to increase the pay of their employees. If the employee is able to demonstrate the kind of example they want, it can help their financial future.

The ultimate decision to hire someone still rests with the hiring director, but the data they collect from the virtual reality findings is instrumental in what steps they plan on taking. It is easy to say how you would handle a situation as opposed to being thrown directly into one. This can also be a great training tool for new employees to show them how they should react to difficult situations.

Many companies are implementing the use of virtual reality headsets. They are being used frequently in the medical field to help surgeons perform surgery before ever opening up a real-life person. It allows them to think on their feet and develop confidence in their skills. The possibilities of how this will change the workplace in the future is immeasurable.