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Sony’s ground breaking console: Play Station 4
By Philip Anderson Posted in How To, Reviews on April 12, 2013

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been in the rumors in the market for many months and people are looking for the most extensive range of games that will allow the gamers to enjoy the gaming experience. It is expected that this game will be able to deliver the promises that are made by the company. Sony has definitely produced a piece of kit that will enhance the gamers’ gaming experience. The best part of the console is that it has been designed to allow the game developers to craft the genuinely new and latest gaming experience.

Components of the game
The hardware of the game is designed in such as way that the high end gaming PC can provide the gamers with the most extensive and diverse range of options that will enhance the playing experience of the gamers. It is believed that this product has extremely superficial graphics along with phenomenal processing memory, extended memory space and storage power to deliver the exceptional experiences. The visual effects of the games are mind blowing so that the demos can present the gamers with the most sensational gaming experience.

Key principles embedded in the game
The company has ensured that it has all the five key elements present in the latest invention i.e. simplicity, personalized, social, immediacy and integrated so that the machine can be custom designed to ensure that the gaming is as simple as possible. The installations and load times are out as they have been effectively replaced by the instant access to the seamless re-starts along with digital downloads that will allow the players to play the game even before it is installed. The social integration is even hard-wired into the DNA of PS4 so that the users can upload the video on the web at just a simple press of the dedicated button that it present on the DualShock 4 Controller. The boasts have been saved even for the console’s ever increasing streaming capabilities.

Extended features of the PS4
All of the PS4 games are seamlessly streamlined on the handheld Vita console and the PlayStation Store so that the customers will be able to try out the new title before actually buying the games. Most of the features were prefaced with the caveat that has been part of the Sony’s long-term goals that suggest that not everything is easily available when the PS4 is launched. There is ample evidence about the fact that Sony has learnt from its previous mistakes and ensured that the mistakes are avoided in the new consoles so that the gamers can have a sensational experience when playing the games.

Latest Games
Some of the best games that are available for the players are Watch Dogs, Driveclub, Destiny, The Witness and Killzone Shadow Fall. All of these games have all the features that the players are looking for in the games so that they can fulfill their desire of enhancing the gamers’ experience. In order to make sure that the customers are provided the superb gaming experience, it is mandatory for the game developers to introduce the games in accordance to the requirements of the players so that they are able to have the most sensational experience when playing the games.

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