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iPad Gaming By A Console Gamer
By Philip Anderson Posted in How To, Reviews on August 1, 2013

As a gamer for around 25 years now I have pretty much embraced all aspects of gaming. You know from tapes on my ZX Spectrum all the way to Blu Ray discs on the Playstation 3 and everything that was in between. I really never had an issue with any kind of gaming (well I never got into PC gaming). One thing that really seems to have blown up huge are these mobile games that are on things like the iPad and Android devices. Seriously some of these games are selling huge amounts and are building up huge fan followings. But for whatever reason it really never appealed to me at all. I could not really give you a reason why I was not interested and there were a few games that I heard about and thought wow that sounds cool, but for some reason I never felt the need to pick up a iPad or Android tablet or something. Despite being a console gamer and through I still have played the majority of hand held gaming systems,  this new wave the iPad and Android never caught me.

Until recently when my wife got a iPad. I must admit I really was not that excited then I saw her playing Angry Birds and I was amazed at how good it looked on the iPad screen. Then she downloaded another game called Mega Run and that one really did look like a great deal of fun. I must have sat there for a good half hour playing it. She asked me if I wanted a turn and I did not. Then one day I was sitting in the house by my self and the iPad was just sitting there next to the couch begging me to have a turn. So I picked it up and fired up Mega Run and I had an absolute blast. What amazed me even more was that this game was free. FREE, really games on the iPad are free how crazy is that. Or they are like a couple of bucks. I can get good games for really cheap. Well yes in theory I can and this is my big issue with iPad gaming.

I do not know if it is because I am older, but I hate this I guess you could call it nickel and diming that games do on the iPad. A prime example is a game called Wrestlefest that I downloaded now the game was really cheap, but in order to get all the characters I had to pay a little chump change here and there to unlock more stuff in the game. I hate how there is no option just to buy everything in the game right from the start instead of these little micro transactions. Also many games require you to download the game for free, but then pay to unlock various things. I understand that many people love this way of gaming, but for me it was driving me nuts why can’t I just pay for a game and that is it. Sure there are some games where that is the case, but there are far to many that want to nickel and dime you here and there. Perhaps the problem here is just me and I do not get this new wave of gaming. With how many sales these games are getting I actually think that may very well be true.

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