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Uber Riders With Low Scores May Be Banned

Drivers don’t appreciate unpleasant customers.

Uber will soon start banning passengers or “riders” if they have low ratings, according to an announcement released by the company at the beginning of the month.

Although it may seem like a good idea, at least for Uber, to weed out troublesome riders who are rude to drivers and fellow passengers and don’t pay the right amount over and over again, many users on social media remained hesitant. They compared the new rule to the Black Mirror episode entitled Nosedive, where the main character was obsessed with having high ratings at all times since a high rating was needed to book a flight, rent a decent car, enter the office doors, or basically just live your life properly.

Users also compared it to China’s social credit system, which rewards and punishes people through penalties based on their behavior.

Amid all this, however, the ride-hailing company didn’t specify exactly what they mean by “low ratings,” nor did they explain what the actions are that count toward bad behavior.