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The Tesla Model 3 Sedan is a Paragon of Efficiency

The Tesla 3 Sedan continues to wow industry analysts, and 2019 just may be a huge year for Tesla.

You’ve no doubt seen or heard Elon Musk’s words about the Tesla Model 3 Sedan, Tesla’s attempt at an affordable mass-market electric car. Emphasis being on affordable electric car as the Model S is still quite expensive. However, if the analyses of industry insiders is any indication, the Model S is not only worth every penny, but is also well on its’ way towards becoming the mass-market electric car that Tesla is trying to build.

According to analyst Pierre Ferragu of New Street Research, the improvements that Tesla is making to the creation process of the Model 3 are immense. The Model 3 is known for having a very simplistic design, and said simplicity is what gives the Model 3 the potential to be mass-produced.

Most cars of similar build would typically take anywhere from 120-200 steps to make, but according to Ferragu, the Model 3 could be assembled in a little over 40 steps and take around 90 minutes to complete. This is a drastic cutback to say the least. Tesla may be looking into simplifying the Model 3 even further which will cut down the steps needed and assembly time ever further.

All is not entirely peachy over at Tesla, however, as the production lines at the factory that Ferragu visited were reportedly operating at 30% below expectations. This is of course something that Tesla needs to rectify, and if they can, they might really have a stroke of genius in their hands.