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Getting Tech Terminology Right: Megabytes, Gigabytes and Terabytes

When it comes to technology, a lot of people will throw computer terminology around without really knowing what it means in an attempt to sound smarter. We all have friends, acquaintances, relatives and co-workers who do this; but when it comes down to it, they don’t have any idea what the words mean. Here is […]

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How to Buy a New Computer

Purchasing a new computer is not something that should be done spur-of-the-moment; as a big-ticket item, a buyer should do some research into what is available and decide what the computer will be used for.  Here are some handy tips when it comes to buying a new computer. First of all, before going online and investigating […]

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External Hard Drives

For people who use their computers to view and save multi-media files and data, the space on the hard drive usually is not sufficient for storage and the easiest solution to store vast amounts of data is to purchase an external hard drive.  An external hard drive is a much more efficient way than USB […]

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Cloud Computing for Dummies

Most of us who aren’t that up to date on what’s happening in the IT industry or the computer world in general, do not know what the term ‘cloud computing’ means. Nevertheless, you need to know what the term implies as it is something which is bringing some major change in how we store our data. Put […]

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The Basics of Computer Terminology

After learning the basic terminology of computer hardware, the next logical step is to learn about software and what the different technical words mean.  The good news is that the definitions are easy to understand and a degree in IT is not needed to get the basic gist of things.  Software is basically all of […]

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The Basics of Computer Terminology: Hardware

Everybody knows how important it is to stay connected; however, many of us treat computers in the same way we treat cars; we know how to drive but we have no idea how an engine works or what a piston is, or what horsepower means.  We know how to use computers, we can navigate the […]

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