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NASA On The Hunt For New Planets

A new telescope is being used to help NASA on its search for new and uncharted planets.

NASA’s latest mission is to deploy a new space telescope to help find new planets. The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) will launch come April 16th. The launch will mark the beginning of a two-year mission. For the first sixty days prior to this two-year mission, the TESS will undergo tests and adjustments. TESS will […]

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Amazon Echo Dot VS. Google Home Mini - Which Should You Buy?

There is a growing market for smart speakers or voice activated home assistants. The first one to come along was the Amazon Echo, followed by the Google Home. However, their price tag made them more difficult to sell. This forced both companies to release smaller and cheaper versions of their home assistants. Amazon came out […]

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