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Smart Streetlight Allows Walkers to Play Pong While Waiting to Cross

  German designers at Urban Invention want to bring their smart stoplight button to every street corner. The device allows people to play Pong with the person across the street.

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Bing Understands When You Search with Emoji

  Microsoft future proofs its search engine with support for Emoji. Microsoft’s search engine Bing announced support for emoji, enabling users to type in the special characters into mobile or desktop search and receive results based on their meaning. Vanity Fair spoke with Craig Beilinson, Microsoft’s director of marketing communications, who explained why the company […]

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Pelty Bluetooth Speaker Runs on Candle Power

  This latest gadet can really handle the heat…litterally! The Pelty speaker uses a property of thermoelectrics known as the Seebeck Effect, which converts heat into electric current. The generator inside the Pelty speaker powers it directly from the candle’s heat so there are no batteries to depelet except of course the candle itself.   […]

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CreoPop 3D Pen Review

  CreoPop’s photo-polymer 3D drawing pen stands out among existing tools because it uses neither heat nor plastics to create objects that can stand on their own. Instead, it employs a chemical reaction to harden its “ink,” which is actually a gel-like polymer. Lance Ulanoff gives it a spin.

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Sense Is A Sleep-Tracking System With All The Bells And Whistles

  Need a little help keeping track of your shut eye? Kickstarter project Sense aims to be your one-stop-shop for all your sleep-tracking needs. It monitors light, sound, air quality, temperature, sleep cycle, and more.

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Seamless Home Automation With Ninja Sphere

Ninja Sphere can automate a wide range of home tasks — heating, lighting, and tracking objects — and can send automation controls to a similarly wide range of devices, including smart watches.

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New Gadget Displays Your Favorite Apps on Your Windshield

The Next Company is debuting a heads-up display that integrates frequently-used phone features right into your windshield — making it easier to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

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Tech Giant Apple Awarded Patent for Home Automation System

Apple was recently awarded a patent in what some refer to as the next technology frontier, a blend of hardware and software working harmoniously in a home, also known as home automation. The patent features location data technology which allows your primary devices, like your phone or computer to trigger the secondary devices in your […]

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