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Snapchat Picks Up New Features and Gaming Platform


Snapchat’s trying every avenue it can think of to bring back its users.

Snapchat has launched a new multiplayer gaming platform called Snap Games, the main purpose of which is to host various games specifically made for the social media platform. There are six games on the platform so far, although more may be added soon. One of the games is called Bitmoji Party, a party game where users can have their Bitmojis competing against each other in four different mini-games. All of the games are available for free, but Snapchat will be earning revenue through the unskippable 6-second commercials that will be shown in every game. Watching the commercials will also reward users with in-game bonuses.

As for the Snapchat platform itself, it revealed some new updates, such as support for a utility AR platform called Scan. With Scan, users will now be able to put Snapchat stories in other apps. Another new feature is Snap Originals, Snapchat’s own version of Netflix original series. As its name suggests, Snap Originals will show various shows made exclusively for the social media platform.

Snapchat has been trying to win back its former users since 2018, following a large decline in its user base caused by the platform’s major redesign in 2017.

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