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Samsung's Clap-Back To Apple
By Ash Westin Posted in News, Software on August 10, 2018

I need everyone to get out their pitchforks, torches, and pick a side for the great debate. If you have an iPhone, stand in one corner. If you have a Samsung phone, go to the other corner. If you have neither, you can probably click off this article now. Everyone separated? Good.

Now, if you use Spotify as your streaming service, take a step forward. If you took a step forward but you were on the Apple side, you might want to consider switching. Samsung and Spotify have just unveiled a huge partnership to make the streaming app their personal music player. The partnership announcement caused Spotify stocks to skyrocket, but it spells uncertainty for the tech world.

I’m an iPhone user who prefers Spotify. But with this partnership with Samsung, is our ability to stream on Spotify going to end? Also, it seems very coincidental that Apple CEO Tim Cook would attack Spotify’s algorithm just days before the partnership was announced. It almost seems like Samsung and Spotify are teaming up to take down their rival.

I’ll always be an Apple user, no matter what happens. Right now, it seems like this is just a partnership in order for Spotify to innovate with the largest smart phone producer in the world. But if things start to look rocky ahead, I might have to jump ship to Apple Music.

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