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PlayStation 4 Nears 100 Million Units Sold


The good times roll on for Sony fans.

With big releases on their heels and only more to come, everything’s coming up roses for Sony and its fans. While it’s not exactly a milestone in itself, Sony has attained yet another reason to be proud of its gaming division today. In a recent quarterly financial briefing, Sony revealed that it has sold a total of 96.8 million PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide, a relative stone’s throw from the coveted 100 million. This is the PlayStation 4’s total sales over its lifetime, mind you. If we’re being more specific about units sold during the past fiscal year, they racked up about 17.8 million. Certainly nothing to sneeze at, not to mention an exceeding of their projected sales of 17.5 million.

Sony is projecting another 16 million sales in the coming year, which will allow it to knock the Wii from its bottom position in the 100-million-sale big five. In case you forgot, the big five is the Wii at 102, the PlayStation at 102, the Game Boy at 118, the Nintendo DS at 154, and Sony’s own PlayStation 2 as the king of the hill at 155. While the PS4 probably won’t dethrone the PS2 before its lifespan ends, if it can crack the big five, Sony will officially wrest the majority stake in console sales history from Nintendo.