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People Are Mad At Netflix

Netflix might be ruining everything we love about Netflix. The term “binge-watch” would not exist without the invention of Netflix. It meant that users could stream endless episodes of televisions shows in a row with no commercial breaks. Watchers would finish whole seasons in a single sitting: no interruptions. But the developers at Netflix are testing video promos in-between episodes while you’re watching, essentially adding commercials. And the internet went into a rage.

So let’s set the record straight. Why did users start seeing promos for other television shows amidst their binge? It was actually part of a targeted test that was supposed to help regular binge-watchers find new content more easily. Once, however, there was word of commercials on Netflix, many consumers threatened to cancel their subscriptions.

Turns out, Netflix has no plan on implementing any type of unstoppable promo between episode. The commercials were intended to be skippable, and official statement has come from Netflix saying that this is not going to happen. So all you binge-watchers, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Watch the full playlist above to see the journey of how 24 hours of Netflix rumors sent the internet into a storm.

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