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Nintendo Switch: Two Years Later

Nintendo’s fastest selling device in the United States, the Nintendo Switch, has just turned two years old. In celebration of this event, Engadget has revisited the game console to see how it’s holding up.

In a nutshell, Engadget points out three pros and cons of choosing the Switch now, two years after its release. The first pro is that its portability conveniently lets you game on the go and its ability to transform allows you to enjoy games at home. Second, it has a strong selection of first-party titles and choice indies, and lastly, its online service, Switch Online, is cheaper than the competition.

As for the cons, Engadget believes that the Switch needs more third-party titles and that the multiplayer voice chat for the Switch is wonkier than other consoles. They also consider it a con that the Switch has no Bluetooth headphone support.

The Switch made waves when it was first released due to its unique setup: it’s a portable device that can be instantly transformed into a home console with minimal hassle. It was an interesting, if not brave, innovation on Nintendo’s part. And in this battle between gaming companies trying to capture a bigger share of the market, it seemed like the Switch was going to be Nintendo’s golden ticket.

Now, two years later, the Switch is more capable than ever. Back then, it lacked the wide roster of games offered by competitors Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox, and it didn’t have an online service like the other two either. Nintendo has fixed both these problems and even added some new features, making the Switch an even more solid choice than before.

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