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LG Developing Smartphone with Triple-Selfie Camera


Someday, we’ll have a phone made of nothing but lenses.

South Korean tech company LG has reportedly filed a patent application for a front-facing triple camera on smartphones, according to a Monday report by Digital Trends.

The images filed at the World Intellectual Property Office’s Hague International Design System shows a diagram of a smartphone with three cameras, not just at the back like the LG V50 ThinQ, but also at the front, within the display notch. The cameras appear to look like three, circular cut-outs placed in the middle of the notch design of the screen. So far, there are no new details yet whether this triple-camera set-up will come with additional features.

Critics are seeing this latest innovation as an effort by the “struggling” mobile phone manufacturer, after a series of blows dealt to its smartphone division by the past year. In fact, LG lost over $72 million in Q4 2018, mainly due to a decrease in sales. One of its latest releases, the LG G8 ThinQ, was dubbed by Digital Trends as “gimmicky” and apparently did not live up to its $850 price tag.

Although LG is not the only smartphone company experiencing sales loss, this situation spells trouble for the company as it doesn’t have enough funds to continue going after massive losses. As of now, whether the triple-camera set-up is a useful innovation or a gimmicky feature is yet to be seen.