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How Science is a Part of your Outdoor Summer Adventures

Photo Credit: Thanatip S./Shutterstock

It’s a big, beautiful world out there.

As we are all well aware, science is a part of almost every part of our lives. And, while we are out exploring the world during the summer months, science plays a big part in the many activities that we participate in. As you are exploring mother nature this summer, think of the many ways that you are becoming not only one with nature, but one with science as well.

Fireflies: Most people have so many fond memories of chasing fireflies around their backyards and trying to catch them in a jar for the night. We become mesmerized by their constant light-up action.

Did you know the science behind why their behinds light up? It serves two purposes: The first is a form of a mating call. It’s their way of attracting flies of the opposite sex. The second purpose is that it is a warning to potential predators to stay away. When fireflies are all congregated together, they tend to sync up their lights and put on a show for all us outdoor spectators!

Hiking: Many people love the opportunity to work up a good sweat while exploring some of the greatest nature trails around. However, many people are now “forest bathing,” as the Japanese like to call it. When you go “forest bathing,” it is expected that you take your time and perform deep breathing. It is to serve as a form of meditation. This beautiful time spent with nature can help boost your immune system as well as lower your blood pressure. And, by “forest bathing,” you are also helping your mind and body relax and remove any stresses from your life.

These two popular summer activities certainly help to get us excited, but it is also fascinating to learn some of the science that exists behind them. Next time you take to the trails or watching the flashing lights in the sky, you’ll know how beautiful science continues to teach us about the world.