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Five Classic Horror Games

Credit: Remedy Entertainment/Microsoft Game Studios

I’m not scared, you’re scared.

People are always commenting on some of the scariest movies that people can watch, so it makes sense that the gaming industry would develop some of the scariest games that people can play. From scary monsters to psychological thrillers, users have many options when it comes to finding the scariest games on the market. Here are a few classics from the last few generations.

Alan Wake

This psychological thriller was on its own level when it debuted in 2010. It is about unraveling the mysteries of Alan Wake and the strange, Stephen King-esque things that happen to him and his wife. When Wake, who is an author, took a break from the writing, his “vacation” proves to be an extremely nightmarish experience. Avoid creatures of pure darkness with only a flashlight and a revolver to keep you safe.

Condemned: Criminal Origins

This unique take on your typical survival horror game finds users taking control over crime scene investigator Ethan Thomas. He is a member of the FBI’s Serial Crime Unit, but has been framed for murder. It is his job to uncover the mystery of who framed him. He is in the fight of his life against psychopaths and the creepy denizens of the city.

Haunting Ground

This game follows a girl named Fiona who was in an accident. She doesn’t remember anything from the accident but wakes up in the dungeon of an enormous castle. With the help of a befriended dog, Huey, Fiona tries to figure out why she is trapped in the castle and make her escape, all while dodging the castle’s master and its residents.


The game takes place over the course of 12 in-game days in which you work to uncover the source of a strange illness called the “sand plague.” You can choose to participate as one of three characters from the small town to uncover the secrets of the town and where the sickness is stemming from.

Rule of Rose

Follow the journey of 19-year-old Jennifer, who is lost in a strange world run by young girls who have created a bizarre social system. They call themselves the Red Crayon Aristocrats and force Jennifer to bring them offerings every month or face death. She begins to unravel the truth behind the girls’ “society” and quickly learns of murder, suicide, and deeply disturbing truths.