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Facebook Introduces New Ranking System For Comments

A convenient way to know which opinions are and aren’t worth listening to.

Last week, Facebook announced the introduction of a new and improved ranking system for comments on the site, with the hopes of improving written communication on the social media platform.

According to the company, the new ranking system will be used in order to “limit negative comments and abuse” as well as lead to “more meaningful conversations” on the comment sections of public profiles. Currently, public comments on pages owned by prominent personalities, businesses, or individuals are already ranked in some way, with various conditions such as the number of likes and replies per comments, for example.

With Facebook’s new ranking system, however, users will now be able to see more comments that the owners of the pages or people on their friend lists have replied to. For example, if you write a comment on Mark Zuckerberg’s profile photo and he reacts and replies to your comment, there’s a much higher chance that your comment will now be shown at the very top of the comment section. But if he doesn’t reply, you may find your comment buried below those that he did reply to, regardless of how many interactions you get from other people.

The new ranking system also comes with a few other considerations, but Facebook says that it will not reveal those as it doesn’t want people “gaming the system.”