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Can an Apple Watch Help Detect Atrial Fibrillation Sooner?


Researchers have discovered a helpful function in the Apple Watch.

While the Apple Watch is already known for its built-in health apps, Apple is still interested in knowing how far its benefits to users can go.

Apple Inc. funded a new study that looked into the “practical way people can monitor their health on an Apple Watch.” The results were pretty amazing, to say the least.

The researchers discovered that the Apple Watch could actually detect irregular heart pulse rates, based on a participant size of 400,000. Of this number, 0.5% received notifications if the Watch was detecting an irregular pulse – a helpful signal in the real world that the user may need to get their health checked.

Researchers are hoping that this useful feature can help users detect atrial fibrillation. Currently, atrial fibrillation is the most common form of irregular heartbeat, which could point to other underlying health problems.

In addition to this, the latest Watch release, the Apple Watch 4, can even perform a quick ECG, thanks to new electrodes. It can also notify the user if their heart rate is too low, making it the perfect companion gadget to anyone who’s concerned about their health.

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