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Black Panther’s Vibranium Could Come To A Real World Near You

It’s beginning to look like perhaps Wakanda won’t be the only metropolis with access to the coveted Vibranium. In the film Black Panther, Vibranium is the lifeblood of the universe, and is a resource that only Wakanda possesses. Black Panther’s suits and weapons contain this mysterious element that is basically indestructible. But, Vibranium may be jumping strait out of the Marvel Comic books and into a real world near you.

According to a report by ScreenRant, there are some real materials that can bring Vibranium technology from the cinematic universe to the real world. Though we don’t ave the magical metal that can absorb and redistribute energy like the Black Panther’s suit can, scientists have been able to develop some materials that share proprieties with the Marvel-metal. Kevlar is the closest thing to Vibranium as of now, but it is not flexible like the Black Panther’s suit.

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