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Black Mirror Season 5 Details

Black Mirror is a British sci-fi drama that was picked up by Netflix and given some of that “Netflix Original” special treatment. The show’s cult following succeeded into a masterful array of fans across the world that praised Charlie Brooker’s masterful series for its innovative yet terrifying approach to technology. The anthology series followed a different cast in a different story each episode, yet the core element was always how futuristic technology could affect society in astoundingly negative ways… except for San Junipero. We like San Junipero.

The show’s fifth season is set to debut this December, but its not going to be another, simple season of television. Reports are saying that Netflix is including a “choose your own ending” episode that will allow viewers to immerse themselves more in the story. This example is one of many ways in which Netflix is trying to create innovations in the streaming, television, and entertainment industries.

Having control over where a story goes has been a concept that many video games, books, and series have tried to tackle, but few nail in head on. Because of Black Mirror’s Emmy-winning status, however, it might be the right show to tack on this challenge.

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