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Amazon Echo Dot VS. Google Home Mini – Which Should You Buy?

There is a growing market for smart speakers or voice activated home assistants. The first one to come along was the Amazon Echo, followed by the Google Home.

However, their price tag made them more difficult to sell. This forced both companies to release smaller and cheaper versions of their home assistants. Amazon came out with the Echo Dot and Google released the Home Mini. They all have the company’s voice assistant, and are able to do simple things, such as set alarms and control home components.

The Amazon Echo can help you do your shopping and Google Home can deal with context and speech very well. The Alexa gives you a more scripted response than the Google device. While the sound is fine for communicating, the devices are not adequate to use as speakers for listening to music. The sound is too weak. The Amazon Echo has an advantage for this, because it is able to connect to other speakers in your house with Bluetooth output while the Google Home lacks the auxiliary port. Alexa has an advantage when it comes to third party support. Google Home does not have the ability to control as many other “connected” appliances.

The aesthetic of the Google device is nicer because it blends in better and all of its buttons and microphones are covered by a woven fabric. Which home assistant you would buy would depend on what your preferences are.

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