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Want the Best Mac Pro Possible? Cough Up $52,599

Credit: The Verge

Brand awareness is a powerful thing, no?

Apple officially opened orders for their new line of Mac Pro desktop computers on Tuesday. The base, no-frills model will run you one banana shy of $6,000. Assuming that that number doesn’t immediately scare you off, you might be interested to know that the Mac Pro’s individual components can be upgraded to your liking.

Want a 28-core processor? That’ll be $7,000. Want 1.5 TB of RAM? Sure, $25,000 please. Four TBs of SSD storage? That’s $1,400. Need a top-of-the-line AMD Radeon GPU? $10,800 is just a drop in the bucket! Then, just throw on an accelerator card, some little wheels for the case, and a magic trackpad for $2,450 altogether, and congratulations, you’ve just spent $52,599 on a Mac. Oh, but the keyboard and mouse are complimentary. That’s nice at least.

Oh, but wait, we forgot a monitor! That’ll be another $4,999 for an Apple Pro Display XDR monitor (which, in fairness, does have 6K display, which is pretty awesome), plus an extra $999 for the monitor stand. And hey, the two GPUs in your Mac Pro can support four displays each, so why not get eight monitors? All it’ll cost you is $55,984, and at this point, what even is money? So now you have the most powerful Mac Pro in the world for a grand total of $101,585.

Facetiousness aside, this model of Mac Pro isn’t really intended for mass consumer use. You wouldn’t use this to play Fortnite or something, it’s for high impact work like animation rendering. Only a large company would purchase the top shelf model, and even then it’d probably only be for corporate use. I do have a sinking feeling, however, that there’s an eccentric billionaire out there who’ll buy one for himself just to say he did.