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US Manufacturers Join Google In Huawei Ban

Image Credit: CNet

Huawei’s not allowed in the smartphone treehouse.

Huawei may have been anticipating Google’s revocation of its Android license due to its ongoing trade wars with the United States, but it probably didn’t expect the total ban from almost, if not all, phone manufacturers from the Western country.

According to a report earlier today from The Verge, three of the world’s leading chip designers and manufacturers, Intel, Qualcomm, and Broadcom, are now also banning Huawei from their client list as well. These companies are known for creating processors and chipsets for most of the world’s technological devices, which makes them a massive loss for Huawei.

Unfortunately for Huawei, they’re not alone. Infineon Technologies, a chipmaker based in Germany, has also cut off all dealings with the China-based tech giant. Two other manufacturers that are suspending their client-supplier relationship Huawei are US-based Micron Technology and Western Digital.

These announcements follow the earlier announcement of Google revoking Huawei’s license to use Android OS on their smartphones. Although current devices won’t be affected, the ban means that future Huawei phones won’t have Android OS installed, let alone any Google-owned apps such as Google Docs, Google Chrome, and Google Play Store.

Despite this, Huawei is still keeping a rather optimistic view of the future. The company still assures its existing users that it will continue trying its best to create a sustainable environment for everyone, despite the bans.