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Twitter Adding ‘Twitter Blue’ Subscription Service

Credit: Unsplash

Pay three bucks a month for… not much.

I could say a lot of things about Twitter, most of them less than pleasant, but at the very least, it is a free service. Anyone can make an account and join a massive community to share their own bad takes. In the event that Twitter ever tried to offer a paid version of its services, though, they’d really need to pump the gas and offer some cool new features to make it worth it the price of entry. Well, a paid version is coming, as it turns out, but as for cool features, eh… not so much.

Twitter’s listing in the iOS App Store has been updated with a description about Twitter Blue, a new paid membership service apparently coming to Twitter in the near future. For a $2.99 monthly fee, you get access to a few potentially helpful tools, such as an “undo tweet” button (which I’m pretty sure is just a “delete tweet” button with a different name), a reader mode for easier viewing of long threads, and a Collection where you can save your favorite tweets.

Twitter as a whole has not taken the news especially well. If there’s one thing that can unite Twitter’s userbase, it’s underwhelming changes to the platform. Many users have complained that for a monthly fee, they should get the ability to edit existing tweets, a feature that has been requested for years now. Some users have joked that they hope Twitter Blue users have some kind of special mark on their profile so everyone can make fun of them.

The actual in-app purchase for Twitter Blue isn’t live yet, and it isn’t clear when it will be, especially since Twitter itself has already declined to comment on the matter. Hopefully, if they do roll this thing out, they’ve got some more interesting features they’re keeping hidden.