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LG has unveiled its newest innovation: an ice cream machine called SnowWhite, which makes use of pods in order to create frozen treats.

It’s quite similar to a Keurig that also uses pods. However, instead of coffee, LG’s machine churns out ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and even frozen yogurt. There are two capsules used in every machine, one for flavor and the other for different types of dessert. For example, you can use a Chocolate pod and an Ice Cream pod together to create chocolate ice cream, or a Vanilla pod and a Gelato pod to create vanilla gelato. Afterward, you can use a cleaning pod to thoroughly cleanse the machine before making a new batch of goodies.

The LG SnowWhite prototype was revealed at the LG’s pop-up at SXSW, a 10-day annual event held in Austin, Texas, that showcases various creations, from film to music, art, and even new technology, it seems.

So far, there is no news yet regarding the pricing of this new product, so it’s highly likely that it’s still an early prototype. We’re excited to see if LG is going to release it to the public, though!