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Sony Rumored to be Investing More in PC Game Releases

Credit: Unsplash

Files found in Spider-Man Remastered imply a PC-focused future.

Last week saw the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, an upscaled version of 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man, on PlayStation consoles and PC. This is the third former PlayStation exclusive to make its way to the PC market after ports of Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War made their way to Steam and the Epic Games Store earlier this year. Based on some files uncovered within Spider-Man, this could be a sign of a heightened emphasis on PC in Sony’s playbook.

According to files datamined from the PC port of Spider-Man and verified by VGC, Sony has apparently begun assembling the bones of a “PlayStation PC launcher.” Additionally, other files were uncovered suggesting new features that would allow PlayStation Network users to link their accounts to their PC in some way.

While Sony has yet to confirm what, exactly, these files indicate, the implication is obvious: Sony is either developing its own independent PC storefront, in a similar vein to Steam or the Microsoft, or otherwise plans to implement their own launcher in future PlayStation-to-PC game ports. While requiring a separate launcher in a similar vein to Ubisoft or EA would probably be an unpopular choice, further PC releases, either concurrent with PlayStation releases or later down the line, would definitely be a profitable choice for Sony. If nothing else, it would give them a good striking point against Microsoft’s flourishing Game Pass framework.