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Sony Ending PS2 Support After 18 Years

From its release all the way back in 2000, the PlayStation 2 has been one of the most beloved and successful consoles in gaming history, boasting an incredibly diverse library of games and top notch graphics (for its time). Now, 18 years later, Sony Japan has announced that hardware support for the PS2 is finally ending.

Production of the PS2 and its updated versions like the PS2 Slim ended back in 2012 (still a pretty long production run, actually), but consumers could still send their consoles in for repairs and maintenance. Sony executives believe this service, while beneficial in maintaining good relations with their customer base, is no longer necessary, as the console is now two generations behind and come to the end of its time. The console leaves behind a mighty legacy, still holding the world record for most consoles sold of all time with over 150 million units.