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Samsung Lets iPhone Users Experience Android Features

Credit: Unsplash

A new web app gives iOS users a view from the other end of the aisle.

I’ve known more than a few people that, back when smartphones were first becoming a common occurrence, immediately jumped on the iPhone bandwagon and never looked back. Apple products are trendy, after all, and they did put quite a lot of work into advertising back in the day. I still have to explain the difference between iPhones and Androids to my parents sometimes. If you’re an Android user that would very much prefer your friend or family member hop off the iPhone bandwagon, Samsung has created a new tool to assist you in your endeavors.

Today, Samsung released “iTest,” a slightly jokey web app developed by Samsung New Zealand. In simplest terms, the app, which can be installed from Samsung’s website, allows an iPhone user to experience the UI and features of a Galaxy Android device. This includes the home screen, a couple of basic apps, the settings, the Galaxy Store, and calling and messaging services. There are also tutorials on how to use each of these features for the technologically challenged.

“We know that the idea of switching to a new operating system can be daunting for many mobile users,” said Samsung New Zealand’s John Alexander. “iTest was designed to give consumers a taste of Samsung, without changing phones. While we can’t replicate every function and feature, the experience enables users to explore a range of apps and settings from phone and messaging apps to the Galaxy Store.”

In all likelihood, this won’t actually change the minds of many iPhone users. It’s more likely that iTest was made as a way for Samsung to give Apple a light ribbing, not unlike the friendly prod Apple gave them back in 2014 with a similar gimmick.