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Nothing Phone 2 Coming to US This Year

Credit: Unsplash

The new phone will be available in American territories.

Last year saw the release of the Nothing Phone, the first smartphone release from the lauded independent tech company. The device was very well received thanks to its signature paired-down design and software, though the Phone was not released outside of its home territories. After that successful release, Nothing has another phone in the works, and this time, it’s heading west.

In an interview with Inverse, Nothing CEO Carl Pei revealed that the next iteration of the Nothing Phone, aptly named the Phone 2, will be releasing in the United States some time later this year, and in fact, the western market is their main focus this time around. After the successful launch of the original Ear 1 earbuds in the US and the demand for the Phone 1, Pei is certain that the US is ready for a “more premium” Nothing phone.

“We’re really excited about the US market because it’s a big country,” said Pei. “If you look at our earbuds sales, about one-third comes from the US. And by not launching our phone in the US, we’re leaving potentially a third of the volume on the table.”

“When you make a smartphone for the US, you need to work with the carriers on certification and adapting some of their features into your OS,” Pei added. “We didn’t have the resources for that before, and now we do.”

No word yet on when the device will release precisely or how much it would cost, though Pei did note that he is looking to compete with other mid-range smartphones, rather than the heavy hitters of the mobile industry like Samsung.