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iPhone 12 Battery Specs Leak

Credit: iFixIt

The new batteries may be less impressive than the old ones.

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned over the course of several smartphones, it’s that it’s better to have a phone with a higher-capacity battery than one that charges faster. I’ve had at least two phones succumb to overinflated battery packs because I had to keep plugging them in all the time; if the battery just lasts longer, that’s less of a problem. Sadly, if new leaks are to be believed, Apple does not share this sentiment.

iPhones aren’t known for having especially large battery lives, but according to leaks of the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro, the new phone’s battery will actually be even smaller than its predecessor, the iPhone 11 Pro. Tech site MySmartPrice uncovered product certifications on three new Apple batteries, presumably for iPhones. These three batteries, carrying model numbers A2471, A2431, and A2466, were discovered in certification databases, and linked to several potential sizes and builds of iPhone 12. The thing is, however, the A2471 model, likely to be implemented in a standard iPhone 12, only has a battery power of 2,227mAh. The standard iPhone 11’s battery, on the other hand, has a power of 3,110mAh. Even the iPhone 11 pro, which has a smaller battery power at 3,046mAh, is bigger than the 12’s. This can only point to one thing: the iPhone 12 will have a reduced battery capacity compared to its predecessor.

Credit: MacRumors

On the flip side, additional rumors have surfaced that Apple is planning to partner the iPhone 12 with a 20W charger, which would provide the fastest charge times ever seen in an iPhone (especially if the battery is so comparatively small). Though, according to those same rumors, the 20W charger would not come bundled with the iPhone; you’d have to buy it separately, which means the vanilla charger probably wouldn’t be anything to write home about.

Of course, these are just rumors, so take them with a grain of salt. We’ll hopefully have some more concrete details when Apple formally announces the iPhone 12 line in September.