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Huawei To Build Android Alternative

Image Credit: Los Angeles Times

“No more Android? Then we’ll make our OWN Android!”

Now that Huawei’s license to run Android OS on its phones has been revoked, one can only wonder what the Chinese tech giant is hiding up its sleeve that can save itself from destruction.

It turns out that Huawei may have been anticipating this move after all. The company has been revealed to be developing an Android alternative this entire time, starting with its very own version of the Android operating system.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Huawei has been exhibiting some signs right under our noses. There’s the App Gallery, an application similar to Google Play Store that has been present on both Huawei and Honor phones for quite some time now. This points to Huawei being at least remotely aware of the US government’s plans to completely cut it off.

In an event held earlier today in Brussels, Huawei’s representative to the European Union institutions, Abraham Liu, said that “the alternative option will naturally come out – either from Huawei or someone else” in case Google ends up cutting the company off for good.

Huawei also says that it will “consider rivals” to US companies that it was previously partnered with, such as Google and Intel. Who those rivals are, nobody knows yet, but it’s certainly interesting to see how Huawei can get through what is probably the biggest hurdle in the company’s history.

Liu, nevertheless, assured current Huawei users, “Some minor impact of some components or parts, I can assure that the leading, advanced solutions has been safeguarded by our own back-up plan.”