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How to Record Video on the Oculus Quest 2

Credit: Unsplash

Let the world see the view from your perspective.

One of the fun aspects of playing games is sharing your gameplay with others. This is why let’s players and streamers are so ubiquitous these days; people like to share their gameplay experiences with others, and others tend to enjoy watching their reactions to things. This is especially true for virtual reality games, as the addition of head and hand movements provide an additional medium of reaction for players to experience and viewers to appreciate. Of course, if you’re playing a VR game, then it can be a little unwieldy to try and record or stream footage in the normal ways. Luckily, the Oculus Quest 2 (or Meta Quest 2, whatever you want to call it) has some built-in video capture features.

While your headset is active, you can press the Oculus button on your right-hand controller. This’ll bring up the menu, where you’re looking for the Sharing category. Under the Sharing category, you’ll see four options: Record Video, Take Photo, Go Live, and Cast. Pressing Record Video will begin recording everything you see and do until you tell it to stop, while pressing Take Photo will take a screenshot of whatever you’re currently looking at. You can also activate these features with voice commands if you have that set up.

Go Live and Cast are a little more advanced. Cast allows you to broadcast the footage from your headset, though it only works over local networks. So, for example, you could share your headset’s footage to a smart TV, PC, or a smartphone with the Oculus app. This is for when you have friends over and want them to be able to see what you’re doing. Go Live allows you to stream your footage online, though due to the nature of Oculus’ partnership with Facebook, the only place you can stream to is Facebook.

Any video or photos you take with your headset can be retrieved by plugging it into a PC and copying the local files. At that point, you can edit them or upload them to YouTube or whatever else you want.