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How to Get a Refund on GOG

Credit: GOG

Good guy GOG gives back.

Personally speaking, I’m perfectly content with using Steam, but that’s mostly because I like keeping my game collection consolidated. For those of you who understandably aren’t into DRM, Good Old Games, or GOG, has proven to be a viable haven, offering DRM-free downloads for all games it stocks. For a long time, though, Steam had one significant edge: the fact that they offered refunds. This changed last month, however, when GOG started offering a refund policy of their own, and it’s actually a little more generous than Steam’s. If you bought a dud on GOG, here’s how to get your money back.

First, click the “contact us” button at the bottom of GOG’s support page. When it asks what the contact is regarding, select “orders and payments.” This’ll get you a refund request form. Fill it out as thoroughly as you can. Of particular note is the “order ID” section. This is the number that was included on the email you received when you purchased the game. They can give you a refund without it, but the process will go much faster if you provide it. Under “problem type,” enter “Other Order-Related Issues,” then put “Refund Request” in the subject line. Finish with a quick and concise explanation for your request, attach any files that might help like screenshots of problems, and submit. GOG should get back to you pretty quickly.

Credit: GOG

Now, what conditions are you allowed to request a refund under? Any game that you’ve owned for less than thirty days can be refunded, no matter how long you have played it for. Early access games and preorders can be refunded as well. DLC can be refunded, but only if it was purchased as a single item. You can’t by a pack with several items and then refund one of them, you can only refund the whole thing.

Please remember that this whole thing is on the honor system. GOG offers this service out of the goodness of their hearts to aid those who bought a game and can’t play it. As with Steam’s refund service, this is not a way to demo games for free, and GOG reserves the right to change their mind if people are jerks about this.