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Honkai: Star Rail Countdown Event Details

honkai star rail characters

Credit: HoYoVerse

The release of the hotly-anticipated Honkai: Star Rail, the newest game from Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd Developer HoYoVerse, is a mere week away. If you’re as eager to get your boarding pass as the millions of other preregistered users, then there’s an event going on now that you’ll want to participate in. Here’s what you need to know about the Honkai: Star Rail Countdown event.

Honkai: Star Rail Countdown Event Details

From now until Honkai: Star Rail officially launches next Wednesday, April 26, HoYoVerse is hosting a special event on Twitter to introduce you to some of the game’s characters and get you immersed in its world. Anyone with a Twitter account can participate, and you don’t even need a HoYoVerse account (though I’m guessing you have one already anyway). The only requirement is that you need to be willing to give the event page permission to access your Twitter account.

To opt into the event, just visit the event page, confirm the Notes, and click the Participate button at the bottom of the page. You’ll then need to authorize access to your Twitter account. Once you’ve opted in, your Twitter avatar, bio, location, and banner will change every day leading up to the game’s release, displaying character art and information. HoYoVerse has noted that this process will not be used to obtain any sort of personal information, it’s just for fun. They do recommend you back up your Twitter avatar and bio just in case something goes weird at the end of the event, though.

When the event ends on release day, your Twitter details will automatically be restored to normal. In the event you don’t want to participate in the Countdown anymore, though, you can opt out at any time by clicking the Cancel button at the bottom of the event page. You can still get the unique avatars and art that will be showcased in the event by checking out the HoYoLabs forums.

Boarding Call Reminder

honkai star rail space station

Credit: HoYoVerse

Have a feeling you’re going to be busy on April 26? For a little added fun, HoYoVerse is offering a “Boarding Call” service, in which a character from the game will call your actual phone number and remind you to get on board the train. This is another free service; just visit the selection form, log into your Google account (and provide a phone number if it’s not already on your account), choose your preferred language, and select the character you want to have call you. You can choose between one of the following four characters:

  • Himeko
  • Dan Heng
  • March 7th
  • Welt

On release day, you’ll receive a phone call with a prerecorded message from the character you chose. Again, this has no bearing on the game or your account, it’s just a fun little bonus bit for those who want to hear some extra character dialogue.

Remember, preregistration is still open for Honkai: Star Rail on both mobile devices and PC. Thanks to the millions of preregistrations the game got, everyone will be getting lots of goodies at launch like currencies and characters, so be ready with your boarding pass on launch day!