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GTA VI Rumors: Exploring New Features and Player Expectations


Credit: Unsplash

What’s Brewing in the World of Grand Theft Auto VI?

As the sun rises in the UK, avid gamers are accustomed to sipping on their morning tea while eagerly anticipating the latest news and rumors about Rockstar Games’ highly anticipated release, Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA VI). However, the most recent buzz has left the gaming community somewhat underwhelmed.

Earlier this week, a rumor began circulating that GTA VI would introduce a groundbreaking feature: more enterable buildings than ever before in the series. This expansion into supermarkets, apartments, and other structures was seen as a potential enhancement to the immersive world of GTA VI. Yet, as always, the gaming community remains cautiously optimistic about these speculations.

In a recent Reddit thread, reactions to the rumored feature were mixed. The headline, “GTA VI leak confirms major gameplay feature fans have wanted for years,” drew sarcastic responses from users like Douche_Baguette, who quipped, “GTA VI LEAK CONFIRMS MAJOR GAMEPLAY FEATURE…you can go in more buildings than before.” User F1reatwill88 questioned, “Can we do anything in them?” While Inevitably_Waffles added, “Yeah, you can go in them.” The skepticism among Reddit users is apparent, as they await more details on the extent of interactivity within these buildings.

One user, hectorman25, pointed out a potential silver lining, noting that the leak mentioned the possibility of committing robberies in pawn shops, hinting at a broader range of activities within various locations. Comparisons were drawn to GTA V, where robbing stores like petrol stations was a feature. Fans are curious to see how this will evolve in the sequel.

Swordofsatan666 expressed a different perspective, saying, “Honestly, I’ll be somewhat okay with not doing much in them as long as they have tons of small details to really take in the world.” Drawing a parallel to Red Dead Redemption 2, they praised the game for its intricate world design, suggesting that even in moments of exploration, players can find enjoyment in the minutiae of the environment.

In related leaks, GTA VI is rumored to include features like money laundering and witness intimidation, adding layers of complexity to the gameplay experience. Moreover, there’s speculation that the game’s file size could be a whopping 750GB, signaling a truly massive open-world adventure.

Grand Theft Auto VI is eagerly anticipated by gamers worldwide and is slated for release between 2024 and 2025 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.