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Google’s Music Streaming Service Now Has 15 Million Subscribers

Image Credit: Greenbot

One more thing Google’s climbing ladders in.

Google’s paid music streaming service has now reached 15 million subscribers, which directly contradicts reports of a “flat” growth for the new service over the last few months.

According to sources familiar with Google Play Music’s figures, the combined subscribers of YouTube Premium and Youtube Music, both owned by Google as a subsidiary, have gone up by about 60% since last year. YouTube itself is showing some changes after partnering with Google, specifically in the way ads are now shown in YouTube videos.

Reports are saying, however, that Google will be completely merging YouTube Music and Google Play Music into just one service. The transition still isn’t done, though. Google is still slowly changing its brand from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, evident from the slow progression of feature additions and updates. At least it currently has a feature allowing users to play songs stored in the local storage.

In comparison, music streaming service Spotify has 100 million subscribers per month, putting it at the top of the competition right now.