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Google Gearing Up for CES 2020

Credit: Sparks

The search engine giant is prepping for the yearly tech battle.

The Consumer Electronics Show is coming up once again in January, and Google is wasting no time getting ready. Last year, there were ads all over Vegas for the new Google Assistant, and Google’s feature presentation was a massive fun house outlining its various functions and capabilities. Going into this year, Assistant still seems to be at the forefront of Google’s battle tactics.

“We’ve spent a lot of energy over the last couple of years really getting the Assistant out,” Scott Huffman, the engineering lead for the Assistant, told CNet last year.

Right now, Google’s deadliest rival is, unsurprisingly, Amazon and Alexa. Despite Google’s massive presence at last year’s show, Amazon was quietly building power in the shadows. Nearly every device on display at the 2019 show had a sticker on it that said “Works with Alexa,” or something similar. Despite Google’s efforts to really hype up the Assistant, Amazon has had a massive head start on them, not to mention Alexa’s sizable brand recognition.

Still, Google has been doing some shadow-power-building of its own. With a new line of phones, routers, speakers and more, as well as its recent acquisition of FitBit, Google is trying to stick its fingers into as many pies as Amazon, with Assistant along every step of the way.

The 2020 CES will be running in the second week of January, and by gum, it’s gonna be a fierce one.