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Cyberpunk 2077: Tabletop Game Turned Digital

With E3 wrapping up, one game that still seems like a tossup is Cyberpunk 2077. Developers CD Projekt RED, most well known for their entries in The Witcher series are tackling an adaptation of an old school tabletop game known as Cyberpunk: 2020.

One of the reasons the game has already stirred controversy is because it will be a first-person action RPG, as opposed to The Witcher‘s third-person style of play. It will still be an open-world game with six different regions, but seems more akin to a Grand Theft Auto game, where “street cred” is raised by on choice of outfit. There will even be a “cool” stat that affects dialogue options and how your character, named V, will be respected on the streets.

The game is set to have multiple, branching endings and free DLC available to all owners of the game. Additionally, the gameplay focus will be on purchasing upgrades to your character in order to augment yourself to the technological advances of the year 2077. For example, there will be non-english speaking characters that you will have to purchase an internal translator so your character can understand their messages.

The biggest backlash from the game’s announcement is the camera. The developers explained that they purposefully chose first-person point of view because “[it] is there so you can really react to things in a visceral manner.” Currently, Cyberpunk: 2077 has an indefinite release date and the game will go live when the developers feel it is “ready.”