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Clarification on Tekken 8 Release Date Rumors


Credit: Unsplash

Bandai Namco Confirms the Official Launch Date for Tekken 8

Social media has been abuzz with speculation regarding the release date of Tekken 8 following a post on Reddit by user shyl0c. The post shared a picture from a local game shop displaying promotional posters for Tekken 8 with a launch date of 21st January for the PS5.

This date contradicts the previously confirmed launch date of 26th January, leading fans to speculate about a possible early release on Sony’s current-gen console.

However, Push Square reached out to Bandai Namco for clarification, and it has been confirmed that the 21st January date is a mistake, likely a typo on the store’s part. Tekken 8 is still scheduled for release on the 26th of this month, as originally announced.

With this clarification, it is clear that there is no early release date for Tekken 8. Fans can rest assured that the highly anticipated game will be available as planned on the 26th of January. Despite the slight confusion, the wait for the next installment in the Iron Fist tournament series is almost over.

As we approach the official release date, excitement for Tekken 8 continues to build among fans. The game is expected to bring new features, characters, and gameplay enhancements, making it a highly anticipated title in the fighting game genre.