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Blizzard Announces ‘Diablo IV’ and ‘Overwatch 2’

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

You know it’s the holiday season when the sequels start rolling out.

Blizzard’s own convention, Blizzcon, ran on Friday, and in spite of the large-scale protests occurring just outside the convention hall, the company still managed to rustle up some hype. Two of their major franchises, Diablo and Overwatch will be receiving sequels in the near future, and Twitter is already alight with expectations.

Diablo IV showed off a lengthy announcement cinematic (almost ten minutes long) as well as a gameplay trailer. There’s already a site open for the game with details about its first three character classes: the melee-focused Barbarian, the spellcasting Druid, and the transforming Sorceress.

Overwatch 2 got cinematic and gameplay trailers of its own, along with some more concrete details. Apparently, Overwatch 2 will feature some connectivity with the first game, granting players of the first game access to new features and cross-playability with the new game’s players. The new game will feature more self-contained content in the form of Hero Missions, as well as some new multiplayer game modes.

No word yet on when either game is coming out.