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Benchmark Leaks for New i9 Processor

Credit: TechSpot

We might be in for quite an upgrade.

The next entry in line for Intel’s range of Core processors is the mysterious Core i9-10900K. Intel hasn’t actually announced the 10900K yet, but details are expected to come alongside the launch of the Comet Lake chips. In lieu of official information, there’s always leaks and speculation, though.

According to a leaked benchmark from Twitter user APISAK, the 10900K could exceed the capability its predecessor, the Core i9-9900K, by at least 30%. Based on comparisons run by Tom’s Hardware, the 109 has a base frequency of 3.7 GHz and an overclocked frequency of 5.1 GHz, versus the 99’s base of 3.6 GHz and overclock of 5 GHz.

In a Geekbench test, the 109 scored 1437 for a single core and a 11390 for multi-core, a clear improvement over the 99’s 1340 and 8787 respective scores. Tom’s Hardware did note, however, that the two processors were likely not tested in the same rig with the same options, so that may account for some differences in actual performance. Regardless, the numbers show at least a 25% improvement, with the unaccounted-for 5% possibly resulting from elevated clock speeds.

The Comet Lake chips are supposed to be announced some time in April, though disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic could stymie the lines of supply and communication.