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Apple Contemplating Dual Bluetooth Connections

Apple is considering bringing dual Bluetooth connections to the new iPhones coming later this year.

This feature will allow users to connect their devices to two different Bluetooth devices at the same time. One example is given by Apple-focused Japanese website Mac Otakara, wherein a user can play music on his phone through wireless earphones while receiving GPS instructions from his car’s navigation system. Another situation is sharing one device between two friends with two separate wireless headphones, though, as pointed out by the site, this can already be done currently with wired earphones and an earphone splitter.

Still, a dual Bluetooth connection could be useful in several other scenarios, and it’s always better to have extra features than no features at all. According to rumors, Apple may have gotten the inspiration from Android devices like Samsung phones, some of which already have this feature.

It’s only available on phones that have Bluetooth 5.0 though, which suggests that the feature probably has something to do with the software rather than the hardware. This means that older generations of iPhones starting from the iPhone 8 could still get this feature in the future through a software update.