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Apple Adds Hardware Security Support for iOS

Credit: Unsplash

You can now lock your devices and AppleID with physical devices.

Apple has been working recently to shore up the security of its various devices and systems, including iOS devices, AppleIDs, and iCloud storage. Last month, the company unveiled its new Advanced Data Protection plan for iCloud, which offers stronger encryption and security, but they’re not stopping there.

Today, Apple rolled out compatibility with hardware security keys for their devices and services. Now, if you are concerned that digital encryption isn’t enough, you can use physical security keys to lock down access to your files and devices. Hardware security keys come in both NFC and USB variations, and when their use is enabled, any connected device can’t be accessed at all unless they are physically present and connected.

“This feature is designed for users who, often due to their public profile, face concerted threats to their online accounts, such as celebrities, journalists, and members of government,” Apple said in a statement. “This takes our two-factor authentication even further, preventing even an advanced attacker from obtaining a user’s second factor in a phishing scam.”

The feature is now supported by iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. As an additional precaution, any users who want to use the feature will need to set up at least two hardware security keys (presumably in case you lose one of them).