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All ‘Half-Life’ Games are Free Until March

Credit: Valve

Brush up on your physics before the new game.

With Half-Life: Alyx only a couple of months away, the tension is mounting. Will it be the Half-Life 3 we’ve all been waiting for, or will it be another Duke Nukem Forever? Will Valve finally prove it can make more than one sequel, or will the “can’t count to three” jokes continue until the end of time?

To remind everyone of where all this hype is coming from (or perhaps to distract from it), Valve has given Steam users a little extra service. From now until the release of Half-Life: Alyx in March, all games in the Half-Life series are 100% free to play on Steam. This includes:

  • Half-Life
  • Half-Life: Opposing Force
  • Half-Life: Blue Shift
  • Team Fortress Classic (not sure what this is doing here, but sure, why not)
  • Half-Life 2
  • Half-Life 2: Episode One
  • Half-Life 2: Episode Two

One important thing to note: these games will only be free to play until Half-Life: Alyx releases, after which they will return to their normal prices. This isn’t a “claim it and it’s yours forever” situation like some Steam giveaways.

So, if you somehow haven’t played through the Half-Life series yet, or just want to remind yourself how frustrating the ending to Episode Two was, you’ve got about two months to play through six campaigns. Don’t worry, if speedruns are any indication, you could probably beat all of them in a few days.