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The Note 9 Reveal and Review
By Ash Westin Posted in Emerging Tech, News, Reviews on August 9, 2018

No more speculation needed: the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is here, and we’ve got a whole lineup of reviews above so you can figure out if this is the phone for you. You can expect the Note 9 to launch on August 24th, 2018, so here are all the pros and cons of the new phone:

– Longer battery life. This 4,000 milliampere battery promises to last all day.
– Better camera quality. The camera features an Optimizer to help you get the best quality photos with a single click.
– S Pen Upgrade. You can now use your S Pen as a remote for you phone from up to 30 feet away.
-Fortnite. Because why not? You can download the game on the Galaxy 7 and above to be the first Android players, alongside getting an exclusive skin.
– 6.4 inches. That’s a big phone with one of the biggest displays on the market.

– It’s a Galaxy Note. It might explode on you. (jokes)
– It’s expensive: $1,000 minimum 128 gigabytes of storage/$1,250 for 512 gigabytes, both prices for this phone that’s not an iPhone.

Honestly, there isn’t much bad to say about the Note 9. It has serious improvements to its predecessors and each phone goes through an 8-point battery check for maximum safety. Samsung has successfully pushed the boundary even further than what we anticipated, and its for the best.

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